3 Hacks For The Road Wary Business Traveler

I hate traveling.  There, I said it and now I feel better. 


There’s nothing glamorous about red-eyes, getting patted down in security lines, eating airport food (none of which seems healthy) or living out of a suitcase. 




The trick is making the most of a bad situation, so here are 3 hacks for making business travel more palatable.


Always Be Charging


Always be charging your electronics, wherever you go.  Face it, when you are on the road you are out of your element and out of your routine.


Got a 30-minute layover? Get to a charger and start charging. 


You never know when the next curveball is going to arrive.


I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve boarded an aircraft that I thought had power sockets only to not find any or to find out they were out of order.


Pack a Mophi for your cell phone and iPad and keep that charged too.  I also bring an extension cord for added flexibility.  It also comes in handy in hotel rooms.


If my iPhone or Mac goes dead, then I’m dead.


I make it a mantra….always be charging.


Always Be Working


I’m more productive on the road.  There are fewer distractions.  I don’t watch movies on flights, I don’t play video games and I don’t do crosswords or play Sudoku. 


I get out my laptop and I work.


When I’m in my hotel room, the TV is never on.  To me there’s nothing more depressing than being alone in a hotel room watching TV.


I work hard on the road so when I get back home I don’t have to. 


Expense reports?  Done.  Trip reports?  Done.  Email inbox cleaned out?  Done.


There are a thousand things to do.  The only other thing I’ll do on an airplane is sleep.  Sleep so I can be fresh to work.


Always Be Walking


I walk as much as I can when I’m traveling.  Sometimes it’s the only form of exercise I get.


Long distance between gates?  Good.  Dinner reservations within walking distance? Great. 


Have some free time and next meeting isn’t for an hour or so? I’ll go see some sights if possible.


I try to get in at least a couple miles a day. 


I’ll admit sometimes it is hard to do, but I’ve never had any colleague say no when I’ve suggested we walk somewhere.  If it ends up being too far we can always catch an Uber home.


I’ve tried to work out on the road, but gyms are iffy, weather is sometimes a challenge, and more often than not a long day of meetings is followed by a late dinner out.




I hate being on the road.  But, I’ve found out I hate getting home from the road and being so far behind I don’t have any time to hang with my family.


Not being productive on the road is a double whammy.  So, when I’m gone I follow these three steps:


              1.     Always be charging

              2.     Always be working

              3.     Always be walking


I hope these tips help.  If you have other hacks that you’d like to share please let me know.  Thanks

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  • #1

    Adam Suter (Tuesday, 09 February 2016 06:46)

    I like it. Great tips.

  • #2

    Tracy Sas (Friday, 16 December 2016 08:33)

    Great tips!