The American people trusted me for three decades to guard their freedom and way of life.  Put a trusted leader on your board today.


Skills can be taught, but leadership is a talent consistently in short supply. I will add value to your organizaion by applying 10 years' worth of executive leadership lessons. I've led organizations ranging in size from 250 people to 45,000 people, I know the challenges leaders face, and I  understand what it's like to lead large, complex and geographically separated organizations.  


The US military is the most trusted organization in the US today.  It attained this status by adhering to core values of integrity, honor and duty.  America loves her Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, but they trust her Admirals and Generals. Americans have trusted us with their freedom for centuries. I want to bring that same level of trust to your Boardroom.


Study after study has determined independence is a key Director trait.  It trumps financial expertise and CEO  and sector experience.  As a retired General I'm beholden only to my personal integrity.  In fact, it's ingrained after 31 years of service. I'm not afraid to ask the tough questions about strategic risk, I'll prepare independently and most importantly, you can count on me to always perform my duty.

Cyber Security

I’ll add unique value to your board with my cyber security expertise.  Cyber security is a leadership function in the Air Force so I know the right questions to ask a CEO on day one.  Put me on your board and I’ll work with the CEO to ensure the right guidelines are in place.

Board Training

Earlier this year I attended a Director & Officer Academy hosted by Stradley Ronon LLP.  We came away with clear understanding board members have a solemn duty to their shareholders and must be concerned for the long-term viability of the organization.  


Studies show diversity is a good thing, especially when it comes to making group decisions.  It comes in many forms; age, gender, race, etc.  There’s also diversity of experience.  Let me bring a fresh senior leadership & risk management perspective to your boardroom today.  

Harvard Business Review says a company’s greatest risk to market share loss comes from strategic risk (86%), yet a company only spends 6% of its time managing strategic risk.