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Chinese UAV roams the sky. Drones like this are becoming ubiquitous

Much discussion has taken place recently over the desire and ability of the US government to “rebalance” our security forces to the Pacific. While the idea of increasing US platforms in the region spurred a brief renaissance in forward basing and operational tempo, it remains unclear if real presence can be increased from a pure numbers perspective. Against this US-centric backdrop, few have looked at a more significant, and troubling, trend in the Pacific. Countries from India to Indonesia are buying, operating, and arming unmanned aerial vehicle systems at an unprecedented pace. And they are not ours.

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Can Changing One Thing Protect Your Network?

Cyber cybersecurity information protection assurance cyberattack

The short answer is yes.  Change the culture.


“Cyber defense of DoD systems is [my] highest cyber priority; if DoD systems are not dependable in the face of cyber warfare, all other DoD missions are at risk.” – Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, April 18, 2015

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Secret Traits of Kick Ass Teams

Amazing and kick ass teams share many common characteristics
Great teams row together and can handle any type of adversity

“Nobody wants to hear how rough the water is, just get in the boat and start rowing.”  At least that’s what my little league coach used to tell us kids.  It’s also one of my favorite leadership quotes.  We were the original Bad News Bears, but we ended up in first place anyway. 



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3 Hacks For The Road Wary Business Traveler

I hate traveling.  There, I said it and now I feel better. 


There’s nothing glamorous about red-eyes, getting patted down in security lines, eating airport food (none of which seems healthy) or living out of a suitcase. 




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Three Ways To Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

I think the single common characteristic found in senior leaders is they almost all have exceptionally high emotional intelligence. 

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