Pacific Region Foreign Military Sales

In my last job I held the second highest Air Force position in the Pacific. I know the region and know the challenges of being a small to midsize company competing against bigger defense contractors.  I want to help level the playing field.  Bring me to the table for foreign military sales and gain a strong and credible advocate. 

Small to Midsize Defense Contractor

Are you a small to midsize defense contractor?  Interested in foreign military sales?  I am a defense expert and can open doors for your organization and give you instant credibility.

Consultant, LLC, Defense, Aviation, Cyber Security

Business Development in the Pacific

It's hard to do BD in the Pacific from Washington DC.  The crowd inside the beltway tends to focus on the Middle East. I'm plugged-in with Pacific Command, the Service Components, the local community and know many of the senior leaders. If you are coming to the Pacific I can provide the necessary context for an extraordinary visit.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

I have one-of-a-kind experience with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and can help move your business forward.  If you want to introduce drones to the commercial sector, I know what you are up against.  If you want a strategic and operational expert on your team to work with partner militaries, sign me up.  I have more direct UAV experience than any other retired Air Force General Officer. Period. I led UAV operations for 5 and a half years.  I've been in charge of drone operations across the globe - literally.  I know their strengths and believe in their potential to transform the way we do business and conduct military operations. I can lend you immense credibility and powerful advocacy. Contact me today so we can begin the conversation.

Pursuing Federal Funding

I spent two years building the Air Force budget.  Brutal work, but it taught me where the money is and how to find it.  Let me pass on those secrets to you and help you be successful.  Are you a startup wondering where to begin in the federal space? Maybe you are a small to midsize company trying to enter the federal space.  I can help. Did you know there are 3 different budgets being executed simultaneously?  DoD is building one that's two years away, Congress is debating next year's and DoD is executing this year's budget.  Each comes with different procedures, timelines, plugin points and techniques on how to get funding.  I know how the arguments are formulated and how the decisions are made.  Contact me today and let's develop your strategy on getting you the funding you need.

Strategy, Mission & Vision Statement, and Core Values Development

Lending Proven Senior Leadership Experience and Expertise

Inquiries are encouraged and welcome.