When you hire an event speaker you want someone that will inspire.  Paul is a motivational speaker, with years of experience in front of a crowd.  He's someone who can take it to the next level.  There are a lot of good public speakers out there but you deserve to get the best.  Paul has been motivating and inspiring people for decades.


 Paul has been speaking in front of crowds for over 20 years. He's given hundreds of speeches to every size audience imaginable.  He's talked in front of sold out arenas, theaters, and concert halls. He's just as at ease speaking at intimate gatherings such as breakfasts, lunches and dinners as he is at speaking to much larger audiences.  

Real Stories

Paul will use real world stories mixed with humor as he explains how to conquer challenges, overcome fears, but most importantly how he learned from his mistakes.  You'll also hear about the humbling experiences and the great men and women, heroes actually, that he's worked alongside of over his 31 years in the Air Force.  

Watch A Video of Paul In Action